August 28, 2016

My Political Rant

I know that I normally write about tech and my obsession with it but I was reading the Huffington Post this AM and came across something that just made my blood boil a bit.
In Canada, we have 3 major political parties with a few other fringe parties.
They are:
Liberals – leader Bob Rae
Conservatives – leader Stephen Harper – Currently the party in power with Mr. Harper as the Prime Minister
NDP – leader Thomas Mulcair
The next large parties are:
The Green Party – leader Elizabeth May.
The Bloc Quebecois – Leader Daniel Paille

Here is my issue with one of them.. As I was reading the Huffington Post (Canadian Edition), I noticed that Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, writes for the paper and voices her opinion on all the other parties. My question to you is, do you think that this is right? Here is a political leader basically standing on a podium and shouting out her idealisms and putting down competing parties. I’m not sure if she is getting paid for it but I sincerely hope that she is not. Afterall, if I was getting paid to write in a major publication and put down my competition, I’m pretty sure that the Ministry of Labour would fine me and my company.

Now, I normally support the Green Party whenever I get a chance but this has me re-thinking their leadership. It’s one thing to tout your opinions through Twitter or Facebook. But it’s a whole other thing to have a column in a newspaper where you get open reign to complain about others and not allow them space to have a rebuttal.

I am going to write more on this but we’re just about to go up to the Cottage and the wife is riding my ass to get ready to go.


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