August 25, 2016

HP 2540p Elitebook review

I picked up an HP 2540p Elitebook.
Specs are:
i7 L640 2.13 processor
8GB RAM (4GB under keyboard that is hard to reach, 4GB easy to get too)
160GB 1.8″ HDD
Fingerprint reader
Lots of ports
Windows 7 x64 (though only comes with 32bit installed)
Display adaptor: unknown but resolution is 1280X800

The Pro’s:
Solid frame
Has a latch to keep the lid down
brushed steel lid makes it very attractive.
Very comfortable keyboard
webcam and built in LED light similar to a Lenovo T series
GREAT battery life

The Con’s:
small 12.1″ display which wouldn’t be so bad if the bezel wasn’t so large on the top and bottom
The button strip underneath the display is a confusing touch sensitive pad that makes no sense
The battery sticks out the back, I’d almost rather have a thicker laptop or a longer base to fit that battery in
REALLy small hard drive that Windows 7 just eats up.

I traded in my Dell E4300 for the HP 2540p mainly due to the i7 processor and the added security of a fingerprint reader. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that it had a DVD burner but a bit peeved when I saw the 160GB hard drive size. I ended up pulling out the DVD drive and replacing it with a hard drive caddy and a 500GB hybrid drive.

The battery life is great, it easily exceeds 4-5 hours on a single charge and the portability is super as well. I often take it into coffee shops and restaurants with me and tether it to my iPhone.

Mostly, I find myself sitting with it on the couch, either looking at Twitter or Facebook, eBay etc. etc. since it’s so portable.

The HP power settings took a bit of getting used to as it kept shutting off the Wi-Fi card after 20 minutes so that took some adjusting. I also had to turn the bluetooth off as it was stealing all the power.

The display is really crisp and bright. It’s easy to read on but it doesn’t have the display adaptor to play any high-end games, in fact, I don’t even know what the video card is. I think that its’ just built into the i7 processor. There are plenty of websites that mention the specs on it so I guess I could trust them a bit.

Overall, this is probably the best laptop that I’ve ever owned. The Dell E4300 came close but my heart will always be with Lenovo due to their top-notch hardware.

Closer inspection shows that the HP 2540p is made by Foxcomm (the same company that makes the Apple iPhone and iPad), and Foxcomm is known for their quality hardware but also for their high suicide rates and low worker equality.

I’m hoping to write more about this laptop later as I test it more. I’ve only had it for 3 weeks or so currently.


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