August 30, 2016

Riding in Korea

Biking in Korea I read a story in a bicycle magazine years ago about a woman trekking through India on her Orange “Tang” F7. It reminded me of a trip that I took with my Orange GT Tequesta in 2001. I had just turned 30 and had gone through a succession of uneventful relationships, unfulfilling […]

Goodbye Cable, hello IPTV

Goodbye Cable, Hello IPTV This has been weighing on my mind for quite abit. Actually, it wasn’t more the cord cutting to cable that was holding me back but more my families reaction to it. We’ve had the Rogers VIP Cable bundle with HD PVR for about 4 years. We paid $80+ Monthly. The hardware […]

Publishing your book with iBooks

Publishing your book with iBooks Try iBooks to get your first book published. There are a lot of options to going the self-published route when it comes to getting your book out. I just went through all the steps with iBooks to get up a selection of short stories on Apple iBooks that I wrote […]

How To scan text

How To scan text using OCR Looking to scan text into your computer? To scan text, I use a really simple method with OCR and Google Drive OCR is Optical Character Recognition. This is where software looks at a flattened image and pulls the text out of it. It’s a great way to back up text that […]

Free Audiobooks

Free Audiobooks? But how? Yes, I said it.  Free AudioBooks (insert multiple exclamation marks here).  These aren’t torrents, this isn’t cheating the system. This is one of the oldest ways ever of listening to your favourite AudioBooks. It’s called Your Local Library.  I know, it surprised me too.  Guess how it works.. Most cities have […]